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Electric Massager Hot Stone

  • Why choose an Electric Bian stone massager instead of an ordinary Bian Stone?
  • As it perfectly combines warm moxibustion therapy, Bian Stone therapy, far-infrared technology, ultrasonic technology, and electronic technology.
  • When powered, it can maximize the unique field energy and thermal effect of Bian stone to achieve the best health care and physical therapy effects.
Hot Stone for Body
  • Excellent craftsmanship-Made of high-quality Bianstone meticulously polished, thick and full, smooth and round, moderately soft and hard, and comfortable to hold.
  • Multiple functions-warm moxibustion and massage, hot compress, dredge the collaterals, Guasha, family physiotherapy.
  • Multiple Effects-promote blood circulation, relieve muscle pain, expel cold, improve immunity, strengthen the body, and prevent disease.
  • Adjustable Temperature-five gears to adjust the temperature, color temperature control: red 100 degrees, green 80 degrees, blue 60 degrees, white 40 degrees, yellow 20 degrees.
  • Body care-suitable for the whole body, such as the face, eyes, abdomen, back, legs, waist, hands, etc.
Mini Hot Stone for Face
  • The electric heating Xuanhuang Bianstone introduction instrument suitable for the face and eyes is highly practical, allowing you to enjoy beauty salon-level treatment at home.
  • The small and practical mushroom massage head is comfortable to touch, efficiently massages acupoints, and brings a comfortable massage SPA to your face and eyes.
  • It can effectively import skin care products such as essence and eye cream to promote the skin to absorb nutrients, achieve moisturizing skin, dilute fine lines, and improve dark circles and eye bags.
  • The temperature can reach 55°C after 6 minutes of power-on
    Electric Massager Hot Stone Electric Massager Hot Stone Electric Massager Hot Stone Electric Massager Hot Stone Electric Massager Hot Stone Electric Massager Hot Stone

    Customer Reviews

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    Alexys Gaylord

    It works perfectly, my girlfriend gave a massage.

    Jasmin Rohan

    Everything works great,👍

    Curtis Zulauf

    Very Effective. Thank you seller.

    Augustus Fritsch

    i ordered 2 of them but one had a misperfection so they refunded me 1 of them. besides that, everything works fine and im happy to buy from this seller. also fast delivered in christmas time

    Easton McCullough

    Works perfectly and is of good quality. Fast shipping. Excellent communication


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